Thursday, November 22, 2012

TO BE ANNOUNCED - EPISODE #1 (featuring Ellis Weiner)

Finally, at long last, weeks in the making, years in the procrastinating, I bring you the debut edition of To Be Announced with William Ham

Every two weeks or so, I (under the auspices of podcasting megalith TMI, Discorporated) will interview the most fascinating members of the creative community willing to speak to me in more than dismissive monosyllables, interspersed with original material rendered to the best of my limited technical and humorous abilities. I hope you find it to your liking.
My inaugural guest is one of the most brilliant, underappreciated humor writers of the last four decades, the great Ellis Weiner. Our discussion encompasses his decade as writer and contributing editor for the  National Lampoon, the joys and sorrows of literary parody, why Henry Jaglom is not the first guy you should call when you need a director for a comedy, why our most subversive satirists are the perfect writers for childrens' TV, and his many books, including one that eclipses all others (you'll have to listen to the interview to find out).  My thanks to Ellis for his time and tolerance.

Also, there's other stuff too.

The 'cast is embedded below; download link below that; and a ton of resources for further, um, Weiner investigation beneath it still.  Feedback welcome and encouraged; use the comments thread, e-mail me at, follow me on Twitter (@williamham), or shout suggestions out your window when you drive past my house.


Download this bastard. (85.5 Mb mp3 file; right-click to save)

Ellis Weiner resources:

EW on Twitter

The official site for his latest book, The Templeton Twins Have an Idea

Atlas Slugged AGAIN, his new e-book at Smashwords

EW at The Huffington Post

"What We're Doing" and "Subject: Our Marketing Plan" from The New Yorker

EW's Amazon page

Every single issue of Spy magazine, most issues of which include contributions by EW 

Purchase link for Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead, the National Lampoon coffee-table book which includes EW among the rest of the magazine's genius contributors

EW talks with Funny: The Book author David Misch for the Los Angeles Review of Books podcast

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Seriously.  Watch it.  I swear to god I saw something move.

And if you look at it long enough, there will be information regarding my brand-new, honor-farm-fresh, more or less fortnightly podcast.  Soon, baby...